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Historicising the Perpetrators of Sexual Violence: Global Perspectives - Special Issue: Women’s History Review

SHaME's Associate Fellow Dr Stephanie Wright and Director Dr Ruth Beecher present a special issue of Women's History Review aimed at historicising the perpetrators of sexual violence from a global perspective.

Rape Revisited: Joanna Bourke reflects on historicizing sexual violence for Women's History Review

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SHaME Director Ruth Beecher sits down with Principal Investigator Joanna Bourke to reflect on changing understandings, societal developments, and new perspectives between two of her groundbreaking works on sexual violence: Rape (2007) and Disgrace (2022).

Child Sexual Abuse in the Family by Dr Ruth Beecher — (Un)Silenced: Institutional Sexual Violence

Is the family a place of safety or a trap? SHaME Director Dr Ruth Beecher explores the institution of the family and the (lack of) recognition of child sexual abuse within it.

CFP: ‘Do No Harm’: Researching the Pasts, Presents, and Futures of Sexual Violence

Call for papers
SHaME and the South Africa's Hidden War project are pleased to present a Call for Papers for our upcoming conference, 'Do No Harm': Researching the Pasts, Presents, and Futures of Sexual Violence, taking place 8-10 February 2023 at Birkbeck, University of London.

'History Investigators': An Interactive Workshop on the History of Resistance to Sexual Violence at the Shameless! Festival

Shameless! Festival
Dr Ruth Beecher overviews her workshop, History Investigators, from the Shameless! Festival. The interactive session asked festival goers to delve into fact, myth, folklore and personal histories to build a timeline of resistance to sexual violence.
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Spotlight On: Jon Bird

Spotlight On
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In this edition of Spotlight On, SHaME Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Ruth Beecher interviews Jon Bird from the National Association for People Abused in Childhood.

Losing sight of the child - sexual abuse in Steven Angelides' The Fear of Child Sexuality: Young People, Sex, and Agency

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In this post, Dr Ruth Beecher argues that Steven Angelides loses sight of the child altogether when he argues that child sexuality has been “disarmed and disempowered by the child sexual abuse movement" in his recently published book, The Fear of Child Sexuality: Young People, Sex, and Agency.

Children in the Care of Nottinghamshire Councils

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Post-doctoral fellow, Dr Ruth Beecher, and our Principal Investigator, Prof Joanna Bourke, discuss the findings of IICSA's July 2019 report, 'Children in the care of the Nottinghamshire Councils'.

Protecting children from harm

Protecting children from harm: A critical assessment of child sexual abuse in the family network in England and priorities for action, is a report published...

Barnahus: Improving the response to child sexual abuse in England

This report from the Children's Commissioner of England outlines the potential of the Barnahus (children's house) model for improving the response to child sexual abuse...

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

This series of reports from the Children's Commissioner of England addresses a number of issues related to the investigation and prevention of child sexual abuse...

Sensitive Sources in Different Jurisdictions

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Post-doctoral fellow, Dr Ruth Beecher, reviews a 'Sensitive Sources' seminar organised by Dr Louise Hide and Dr Anne Hanley addressing the challenges of working with sources in different jurisdictions and regions.

Research as a social activity – the first six months

Public Engagement
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Post-doctoral fellow, Dr Ruth Beecher, discusses her transition from local government back into academia, and the crucial role non-academic practitioners have played in guiding her early research plans.

A Recent History of Children, Medics and Sexual Abuse in the Family

Through archival research and oral histories, Dr Ruth Beecher seeks to gain insight into the ways community-based nurses, doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists in Britain have responded to the possibility that a child has been sexually abused by a family member. 1970s-2000s