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CfP for special issue: ‘Historicising the perpetrators of sexual violence: global perspectives’

Call for papers
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SHaME postdoctoral researchers Dr Ruth Beecher and Dr Stephanie Wright are seeking proposals for a special issue on the perpetrators of sexual violence.

Child Sexual Exploitation: Why Theory Matters: Our first 'virtual' reading group

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Over twenty researchers and practitioners joined the SHaME team for our first online reading group on Monday 18 May 2020. The discussion centred on Jenny Pearce’s recent edited collection Child Sexual Exploitation: Why Theory Matters (Bristol: Policy Press, 2019).
Coronavirus Stay Home message. Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

COVID-19 and the Spaces of Sexual Violence Against Children

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Nick Basannavar, historian and Head of Impact at Frost Included, puts into historical context the increased risk of sexual violence against children in domestic spaces during the COVID-19 'lockdown'.

SHaME Event Reports

SHaME is an active research group hosting a rich programme of conferences, workshops, reading groups and seminar series, as well as a range of public...

Job Ad: Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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SHaME are recruiting a postdoctoral research fellow to join our interdisciplinary team from October 2020.

‘Sexual Violence: Laws, Communities, Interventions’ Conference 2019

On Friday 18 October 2019, SHaME co-hosted an interdisciplinary conference with the École Française d’Athènes in Athens. The conference aimed to better understand the intersections...

‘Sexual Violence: Laws, Communities, Interventions’, an interdisciplinary conference hosted by SHaME and the École Française d’Athènes, Athens, 18 October 2019

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On Friday 18 October 2019, the SHaME project co-hosted an interdisciplinary conference on sexual violence with the École Française d’Athènes in Athens. In this post, the full programme of this one-day conference is summarised alongside audio recordings of individual speakers.

Trauma, Neuroscience and Feminist Practice

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Dr Suzanne Egan, Research Associate at the University of Sydney's School of Education and Social Work, discusses the role that neuroscience can play in feminist theory and practice related to sexual violence and trauma.

'In Plain Sight' Book Launch

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Dr Kirsten Campbell, Reader in Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London, discusses why the recent publication, 'In Plain Sight: Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict' is an important and timely contribution to research on conflict-related sexual violence.

Anonymity, Ethics, the Dead and the Psychiatric Historian

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PhD student, Cora Salkovskis, explores the historian's ethical responsibilities and duty of care to the historical actors whose stories they uncover. This blog post is part one of a series on Ethics and Historical Research Practices.

An Ethnographic Inquiry in a Medical Care Centre for Women Victims of Violence in the Parisian Suburbs

Adeline Moussion's PhD focuses on the socio-cultural conditions in which sexual violence is qualified as ‘unbearable’. She will be examining psycho-medical care and social support mechanisms in feminist care institutions dedicated to supporting women victims of violence.

Cultures of Harm in Residential Institutions for Long-Term Adult Care in Britain, 1945-1980s

Dr Louise Hide's project returns to the hospital inquiry documentation of the 1970s to gain a deeper understanding of the values, belief systems and practices that fostered a culture of neglect and abuse in some wards and institutions.

‘Dishonest abuse’, sexual violence, and medical jurisprudence in Francoist Spain, 1936-1975

Dr Stephanie Wright's project explores the role of police surgeons and forensic psychiatrists in sexual violence court cases under the Francoist regime. More specifically, the project constitutes a historical study of the legal term ‘dishonest abuses’, which referred to a broad spectrum of criminalised sexual acts, from rape and child abuse to homosexuality.

Psychiatric evidence in court proceedings for sexual violence survivors: a qualitative study of policy and practice in England and Wales

Emma Yapp's PhD explores how psychiatric evidence about survivors of sexual violence is admitted into court proceedings in England and Wales. She will be examining both the context in which these practices are constructed and conducted, and exploring appropriate practice.

Public Engagement and Events

Rhea Sookdeosingh's role is to develop a public engagement strategy and programme for the project. She will be working with the team’s researchers to enhance their engaged research practices and plan engagement activities.

Sexual Violence on the California Frontier, 1848-1900

In late nineteenth-century California sexual violence revealed dynamics of American expansion on the western frontier. Caitlin Cunningham's PhD explores how it was understood and responded to at various social and institutional levels.

A Recent History of Children, Medics and Sexual Abuse in the Family

Through archival research and oral histories, Dr Ruth Beecher seeks to gain insight into the ways nurses, doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists in the US and the UK have responded to the possibility that a child has been sexually abused by a family member since the 1960s.