George Severs

Hearing Male Survivors by Dr George Severs — (Un)Silenced: Institutional Sexual Violence

Dr George Severs argues that the history of male victims of rape and sexual violence should make us all alert to the ways in which gender norms silence male experiences of abuse, and prompt us to hear hear male survivors who are so often both silent and silenced.

World AIDS Day - Sexual violence and AIDS: ‘early’ responses from forensic medicine

On World AIDS Day (December 1st), Dr George Severs reflects on some of the early HIV responses of forensic medics working with rape survivors.

Fragmented and Frustrating: Rethinking Post-rape HIV Policies

Amongst the many risks and uncertainties brought on by an act of sexual violence is the threat of sexually transmitted infection. What are the barriers to such post-rape health care and advice? In this blog, SHaME Postdoctoral Fellow Dr George Severs reflects on a policy roundtable which considered these questions in relation to HIV.

Shameless! Festival London feat. Dr George Severs - Male Survivors and Masculinity

Shameless! Festival
SHaME's George Severs contributes his perspective on creating space for male survivors of sexual violence and the nuances of masculinity at the 2021 Shameless! Festival of Activism Against Sexual Violence. His panel discussion is now available to stream on the Birkbeck Youtube channel with captions.

The Shameless! Podcast: Voices From the Festival

SHaME Postdoctoral Research Fellows Dr George Severs and Dr Rhian Keyse speak to contributors from the 2021 Shameless! Festival of Activism Against Sexual Violence about their work, their reflections on the festival, and their insights on creating a rape-free world.

The Male Rape Survivor During the AIDS Crisis: Masculinities, Sexual Violence and HIV-based Aftercare

Dr George Severs' work explores the history of male survivors of rape and sexual violence. His research project also investigates the ways in which the HIV/AIDS epidemic impacted the medical and psychiatric aftercare available to survivors of rape and sexual assault.