SHaME is an active research group that started in October 2018. We will be hosting regular conferences, workshops, and other outreach activities.


On March 9th, SHaME will be celebrating the release of Emily Hunt’s new book, We Need to Talk: The Truth about Sexual Violence and My Fight for Justice, published by Mardle Books. Emily will be joined by a panel of speakers, including Alexandra Topping of The Guardian, barrister Dr Charlotte Proudman and SHaME’s Emma Yapp, for a conversation on the fault lines of a system and a society that is failing rape victims.

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On October 7th, SHaME will be celebrating the release of Professor Joanna Bourke’s new book, Disgrace: Global Reflections on Sexual Violence, published by Reaktion Books. Joanna will be joined by Jude Kelly CBE, Marai Larasi, Dr Rhea Sookdeosingh, and Maisha Sumah in a conversation between artists, activists and academics on boundary-crossing global approaches to creating a rape free world.

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