Emma Yapp

Pre-trial therapy: Re-digging the dirt

Current Affairs
As Lexie Bean wrote in 2018, ‘nothing is heavier than silence’. The stories we tell about experiences of sexual violence in therapeutic spaces are complex, dynamic, evolving. They are spoken in a different language to that compelled by the law, which exercises a register of fact-finding chronology and rationality. They are fundamentally incompatible, and whether we resolve that by new legislation restricting access to therapeutic notes, or through abandoning investment in carceral solutions altogether, is up to us.

'What's Missing From The Conversation?' on Trust: A podcast with researchers Emma Yapp and Aviah Day

Public Engagement
SHaME researcher Emma Yapp is joined by researcher and activist Dr Aviah Day on the 'What’s Missing from the Conversation?’ podcast to discuss trust. The podcast is now live on Mixcloud.

From Report to Court: A handbook for adult survivors of sexual violence

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Psychiatric evidence in court proceedings for sexual violence survivors: a qualitative study of policy and practice in England and Wales

Emma Yapp's PhD explores how psychiatric evidence about survivors of sexual violence is admitted into court proceedings in England and Wales. She will be examining both the context in which these practices are constructed and conducted, and exploring appropriate practice.